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Faber-Castell’s “General Writing” field of competence complements the modern office or study in the form of functional writing implements for taking notes, sketching, and correcting texts. Besides function and attractive design, Faber-Castell also sees its strategic strength in focusing on intelligent additional benefits for the consumer: for example, the non-slip grip zone on the “GRIP 2001” pencils. This strategy of providing a “point of difference” has given the company a leading position in many markets....since 1761.
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Faber-Castell - Ball pen CX Colour blue
10 Colour choices
Ball pen CX 1.0mm
Faber-Castell - Ink glass 62,5 ml Royal Blue, erasable
2 Colour choices
Ink glass 62,5 ml blue erasable
Faber-Castell - Ink cartridge standard blue, box of 6
2 Colour choices
Ink cartridge standard, box of 6
Faber-Castell - Ballpen Speedx 0.7mm red
4 Colour choices
Ballpen Speedx 0.7mm
Faber-Castell - Ballpoint pen Grip 2011 XB black matte
2 Exterior colours
Ballpoint pen Grip 2011 XB
Faber-Castell - Gel pen True Gel Colour light blue 0.7 mm
6 Colour choices
Gel pen True Gel Colour 0.7mm
Faber-Castell - Fineline lead Super-Polymer 0.35mm HB
4 Degree of hardness
Fineline lead Super-Polymer 0.35mm
Faber-Castell - Fineline lead Super-Polymer 0.5 mm HB
7 Degree of hardness
Fineline lead Super-Polymer 0.5mm
Faber-Castell - Fineline lead Super-Polymer 1.0mm HB
2 Degree of hardness
Fineline lead Super-Polymer 1.0mm
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Fineliner pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners & lead pointers, mechanical pencils, ballpoints (biro), markers, highlighters

Whatever it takes to be successful in the office - here you can find your premium stationary. Quality matters and Faber-Castell invests a lot of time and ressources to deliver the best equipment for your day to day office job.