Excercise: Drawing like Picasso



30 min

What you need:

Coloured Pencil Goldfaber

Create your own abstracted dogs reminiscent of the style of Pablo Picasso. This project has verbal instructions only, as you want to have as little visual input as possible so that you will come up with your own, unique version. Remember that the result is supposed to be slightly strange. Just try to relax and have fun with the steps.

For this project we recommend the new Faber-Castell colour pencil range Goldfaber. Feel free to choose your personal selection from the 48 different colours. You also may use Pitt Artist Pen in black, grey or sepia – there is a great choice.

Step by Step

  • With a fine-point Pitt artist pen, draw an eye anywhere on the paper. Turn your paper 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Draw a second, different eye, several times larger than the first eye. Turn your paper 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Draw a nose or snout. Turn your paper 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Draw a leg or paw. Turn your paper 90 degrees clockwise.
  • Draw a tail. Turn your paper 90 degrees clockwise. Connect the elements together with straight and curved lines. Don’t worry too much at this stage; just connect the pieces together and stop when it feels right. Finish with Pitt artist pens and Goldfaber colouring pencils.

Artist’s Tips

After practising this method several times you may be ready for more complex exercises. Try to transfer this approach to other motifs, e.g. human faces, music instruments, cars, urban architecture etc.

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Excerpt from “Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists,” published by Quarry Books, a division of Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc. All rights reserved. Artwork © Carla Sonheim. Visit  www.quartoknows.com