Still life with Clay Pots



What you need:

Oil Pastel Crayons
Still lifes are a fundamental part of any artist’s repertoire. Now you can bring simple still lifes to life in vibrant color with your richly pigmented Creative Studio Oil Pastels. These pastels allow for expressive markmaking and blended areas of tone. You can use oil pastels on any drawing paper, canvas, wood panel, metal, glass, or even plastic!

Step 1

Gather the necessary materials and colours  to begin your art project. Here is the choice of colours we suggest: Cobalt blue, cobalt turquoise, light yellow, light flesh, medium flesh, yellow ochre, sanguine, venetian red, terracotta, burnt sienna, cold grey, black, white.

Step 2 & 3

Transfer the lines of the template to your paper or canvas. Trace the lines with a soft graphite pencil. 

And now add color! For inspiration, you’ll find a suggested color palette and a finished color final for this  template. An ideal motif to study the influence of light and shadow in a still life. However, this is your artwork, hence you can use any colours you choose! 

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