Easy peasy lettering


30 min

What you need:

We recommend this selection of Faber-Castell products for this exercise: Pitt Artist Pen in black or any of the 48 colours. Different nips sizes and forms allow special effects and unique results. Enjoy!

“Doodle” is an informal term that describes a loose, whimsical art form characterized by scribbly lines, loops, curves, and quirky designs. It’s fun, it’s liberating, and anyone can do it. Best of all, there are no mistakes in doodling. In fact, what you might perceive as a mistake is more likely just a bit of added character! You can see the human touch in a doodle’s imperfect, wobbly shapes. Mostly, though, doodles are a means of self-expression. And that’s what art is all about.

Exercises for beginners

From doodling with your eyes closed and doodling with your non-dominant hand to creating your own keepsake family heirloom doodles, Doodle supplies needn’t be costly. Scrawl them on the backs of receipts, cocktail napkins, and the like; however, if you’d like to build a more specific collection of supplies to feed your doodling habit, here are some inspirations.

Exercise for advanced

The objective for this exercise is to create a clustered composition using a single letter (or the initial of a special person) and a themed grouping of doodles to embellish it. You might select items that start with that letter or perhaps doodle the favorite things of the person whose initial you choose. Use the opposite page to work out your ideas.

Step 1

Be creative with the placement of the embellishments, and utilize the shapes and spaces of your base letter.

Step 2

Start with large primary elements; then add a second layer of midsized elements.

Step 3

Finish with small details and “filler designs,” such as the stars and dots shown in the example.

More ideas

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