120 Coloured pencil Junior triangular Classpack

120 Coloured pencil Junior triangular Classpack

Due to the ergonomic triangular shape, the Jumbo colour pencil fits well in a child's hand and is therefore ideal for drawing. A special bonding makes the lead break resistant. Through the high pigmentation of the mine, the colors are very bright. The pencils are available in 30 colours.

Product details

  • Coloured pencil in ergonomic triangular shape – perfectly adapted to the ergonomie of the child’s hand
  • 120 bright colours
  • Break-resistent due to a special bonding process
  • Wood from certified sustainable forestry (EcoPencil)

Eco Pencil

Timber from certified sustainable forestry (e.g. FSC, PEFC, SFI) order


This product is made of FSC certified wood and thus orginates from responsibly managed forests. FSC Chain of Custody Policy