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Our Loom writing implements impress with their classic colours and modern design. The wide range of material combinations - metallic or in piano varnish look - make the writing implements in the Loom range varied and memorable. A matt-chrome handle highlights the rich colours of the Loom Metallic. The Loom "Piano" writing implements offer a classic alternative. The high-gloss, chrome-plated metal parts make the writing implements an elegant eyecatcher. Loom also impresses during writing with style and ease - the fountain pen, for example, complete with a high-quality stainless steel nib in the stoke widths medium, fine, extra fine and broad.
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Faber-Castell - Loom Piano rollerball, white
Loom Piano rollerball, white
Faber-Castell - Loom Piano fountain pen, M, white
Loom Piano fountain pen, M, white