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Fineliner Ecco Pigment

The Ecco Pigment is a fineliner with enormous potential. Equipped with a highly pigmented, lightfast ink, it is suitable for technical drawings, illustrating, calligraphy and for inscriptions on certificates and documents. On absorbent surfaces, the Ecco Pigment does not bleed through the paper and can be corrected on transparent paper with an ink eraser. The ergonomic shape of the pen enables tireless drawing. The barrel and the cap of the Ecco Pigment are made from recycled plastic. Ecco Pigment fineliners are available with line widths from 0.05 to 0.8 mm.
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Faber-Castell - Ecco Pigment Fineliner, wallet of 4, black
Ecco Pigment Fineliner, wallet of 4, black
Faber-Castell - Ecco Pigment Fineliner, 0.1 mm, black
8 Line width
Ecco Pigment Fineliner, black